Creative Zen Krystal is a Real Pedo


    One of the most common uses for an MP3 player is while you are working out at the gym or going for a run around the park. The Creative Zen Krystal has been designed specifically for the more active-minded among us, because it comes with features like a built-in pedometer.

    What, you were expecting a different kind of pedo? The one with dark tinted window and a telephoto lens? Creative wouldn’t get involved in that kind of thing. You should know that.

    Aside from the pedometer, the Creative Zen Krystal also has 4GB of internal memory, OLED display, drag-and-drop file management, FM radio, voice recorder, calorie counter, stopwatch, and three games. The Windows-only media player is available now in Hong Kong for $90. International availability is still up in the air.