Video: Putting the iPhone 3G Through a Blender

Video: Putting the iPhone 3G Through a Blender


The things we do in the name of science. After lining up for hours (or even days) to get their hands on a hot iPhone 3G, the last thing that most people would want to do is destroy that glossy new wonder. This is especially true, because it is impossible to buy an iPhone 3G without having to sign a fresh contract with the folks at AT&T.

That didn’t stop Tom Dickson and the BlendTec crew, however. The blender that is capable of pulverizing everything from hockey pucks to Wii Remotes is being used once again to destroy a modern piece of technology, namely the iPhone 3G. Will it blend? You betcha!

Let me warn you. If you’re a big Apple fanboy and can’t stand to see iPhone violence, this is not the video for you. I can smell the 3G iSmoke from here!