Quite Possibly the Geekiest Invention Ever Made

Quite Possibly the Geekiest Invention Ever Made


I’ll admit that I rely on my laptop for just about everything and it can be pretty frustrating when there is no desk for me to use. As such, I tend to carry around one of those lapdesk contraptions that I can place on my lap, providing a sturdy and flat surface for my notebook. Even so, I don’t think that I would ever indulge in this level of geekiness.

ThinkGeek is offering a laptop desk holder that you can effectively strap onto yourself. What happens is your notebook can dangle in front of you as you walk down the street, happily waiting to get mugged for your MacBook. Using a pair of straps, the laptop desk provides a secure (and grippy?) surface for your notebook, freeing both hands to type while walking or standing.

It may be useful, but you’ll look like a total dork using it. The Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder retails for $39.99.