Dell Inspiron Mini Coming Next Month, Priced at $299

Dell Inspiron Mini Coming Next Month, Priced at $299


I guess the Asus Eee PC has started quite the phenomenon. Everyone wants to jump into the “smaller and cheaper” notebook market these days and Dell is no exception. We’ve heard before that they are working on the Inspiron Mini (I believe it’s called the Dell E now) and more details have now emerged.

The current secret rumor floating around is that Dell will be introducing its low-cost notebook in August and it will price the subnotebook at $299. This could make it cheaper than an equivalently equipped Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind, or Acer Aspire One. It probably can’t do video editing very well, but it’ll handle basic web surfing and word processing just fine.

The OEM will still be Compal of Taiwan, but the LCDs will be coming by way of Samsung.