Say Goodbye to Hello Moto

Say Goodbye to Hello Moto


Motorola used to be the king of the mobile phone market. Back in the days of the Zack Morris, Moto was sitting on top of the heap and there weren’t any legitimate contenders to the crown. A few years later, Nokia and other started to make up a fair bit of ground, only to have Motorola come striking back with the phenomenon known as the RAZR.

Now that Motorola is going through another slump of sorts, it’s time for the RAZR-maker to rethink its company image. As such, you will soon be saying goodbye to the “Hello Moto” marketing campaign in favor of something completely different. Apparently, the new catchphrase for Motorola is “We Generation”, not to be confused with “Wii would like play.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this ad campaign plays out in TV commercials, radio, print, web, and every other avenue that Motorola will be taking to refresh the public perception of its cell phones.