Palm Treo 800w Smartphone “Isn’t a Bad Choice”

Palm Treo 800w Smartphone “Isn’t a Bad Choice”


There’s something to be said about having a physical keyboard. The recent wave of touchscreen phones are fun and all, but if you’re firing off a lot of emails, it’s just easier when you have a real QWERTY keypad in front of you.

Yes, the new Palm Treo 800w from Sprint is not the prettiest phone on the block, but you also have to realize that they are marketing this handset directly at the enterprise and corporate markets. The people that would otherwise be interested in the Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Diamond, and iPhone 3G are probably not the same folks that would consider this clunker.

It’s not quite as wide as other Treo devices in the past, but the Treo 800w is not exactly tiny either. The Windows Mobile 6.1 handheld is a sizable upgrade over the Treo 750w, getting loaded with a higher resolution display, GPS, Wi-Fi, and EVDO Rev.A. The dedicated Wi-Fi button at the top of the phone is pretty handy too.

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