iPhone Gets a Friend Who Helps Three Ways

iPhone Gets a Friend Who Helps Three Ways


The guys at Macally want to give you a hand with that iPhone or iPod, but they don’t want to be restricted to just a single function. The new PowerLink actually comes on board with three different things that it can do for your Apple-loving lifestyle.

First, the Macally PowerLink has a USB plug on one end and a 30-pin iPod connector on the other end. As a result, it can act as a sync cable without having to mess with any nasty tangles. Second, there’s a small battery inside that you can use to give your iPhone a quick boost in power should it start to run a little low. Third, it contains 2GB of flash memory, so yo can use it as a somewhat clunky USB flash drive as well.

Sounds pretty handy. The Macally PowerLink should be available “soon” for $50.