Bringing the DJ Skills to iPhone for Free

Bringing the DJ Skills to iPhone for Free


As I’m sure you have heard by now, the Apple App Store is up and running, providing you with all sorts of cool games and productivity tools for your iPhone. Maybe the abacus tool isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you’d rather rock out in a miniature dance club instead.

For those of you who have always dreamed about the lifestyle of a club deejay, you can now get into the action on your iPhone via the new MixMeister Scratch application. The best part about this DJ simulator is that the app is available as a free download through the iPhone App Store. As you can imagine, this music-mixer will also work just find on an iPod touch.

Naturally, MixMeister Scratch is nowhere near advanced as its full-size counterpart, but it’s also a lot cheaper. At least you’ve got “lots of sound effects to entertain and/or annoy your pals.”