Apple Sells One Million iPhone 3Gs

Apple Sells One Million iPhone 3Gs


Even though the servers seem to be down and the launch event wasn’t nearly as seamless as they had hoped, Steve Jobs and the rest of the Cupertino crew still emerged with a remarkably successful weekend. Everyone knew that it was going to be a resounding success, but now that the numbers are starting to come in, it’s starting to sound even more impressive.

On Sunday, Apple announced that it had already sold its one millionth iPhone 3G. This announcement came on Sunday, so number one million may have actually been sold some time on Saturday. If that is the case, it means that they were able to distribute about a half million units for each of the first two days. Nutty.

Steve Jobs puts this milestone into perspective: “It took 74 days to sell the first one million original iPhones, so the new iPhone 3G is clearly off to a great start around the world.” I guess having the simultaneous worldwide launch in so many countries helped quite a bit.