How to Activate and Un-Brick the iPhone 3G

How to Activate and Un-Brick the iPhone 3G


You may have heard about some of the activation woes concerning the iPhone 3G this morning. The problem isn’t just happening in Canada with Rogers, because it looks like AT&T is undergoing some activation problems as well. Thankfully, the solution is actually a lot easier than you think.

If you’ve been trying to activate your new iPhone 3G all morning only to see that you get an error message, do not unplug it. That’s the natural reaction would have when something like that happens, but if you do unplug your new iPhone from your computer, it restarts the entire process and you can prepare yourself for another headache a few minutes later.

By leaving it plugged in and waiting, it seems that the error fixes itself. Make sure the phone stays on and make sure iTunes stays open. This is according to some of the crew at Gizmodo who found that leaving it in worked just fine for activating five new iPhone 3Gs. The error screens go away on their own after 10 to 15 minutes.