Google Wants to Teach You Mobile Tricks on YouTube

Google Wants to Teach You Mobile Tricks on YouTube


Did you know that your cell phone is capable of more than just telling your mom that you’ll be late coming home for dinner? It’s surprising, I know. Google aims to educate you on all the cool things that your mobile phone can do, launching a new channel on YouTube that is appropriately called “Mobile Tricks.”

Through this YouTube channel, Google will share tips on using your mobile phone and, more likely than not, they’ll teach you how to burn through some of that wireless data by remotely uploading a video to YouTube or how to download massive attachments from your Gmail account. You didn’t think that they’d make mention of Yahoo-owned Flickr, did you?

Based on the introductory video shown below, the Google Mobile Tricks channel will handle all sorts of different phones, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, and even some regular handset too. What can you do with your phone?