Direct-to-iPod Recording with Belkin GoStudio

Direct-to-iPod Recording with Belkin GoStudio


The Apple iPod completely dominates the MP3 player market, but it comes up short in a few areas too. It’s one of very few players out there that doesn’t come with an integrated FM radio and it’s also not capable of voice recording out of the box. Thankfully, third parties come to the rescue with all sorts of iPod accessories to fill in those gaps.

The GoStudio from Belkin is a handy little device that expands on Apple’s music player significantly, offering direct-to-iPod recording, high quality audio capture, multiple mic inputs, and even a tripod mount. In this way, you can record that roundtable discussion for your podcast, recording all that high-end conversation onto your iPod. Mics can come by way of XLR, quarter-inch, or 3.5mm. There are also two integrated omnidirectional mics too.

Look for the Belkin GoStudio to launch in September or October. Pricing should be in the neighborhood of $120.