Canadian iPhone 3G Launch is an Epic Fail

Canadian iPhone 3G Launch is an Epic Fail


Bear in mind that this is one account from one person at one Rogers store, but it seems like the Canadian launch of the iPhone 3G is going quite as smoothly as Rogers and Apple had hoped. The lineups in New York may have started a full week ago, but one brave adventurer only made it to his local Rogers store at 5:45am on the morning of the launch (today).

Upon arrival, “iPhone Fan” learned that he was 57th in line. You may have heard about Rogers trying to create a “party atmosphere” for those waiting in line, providing them with free breakfast. Well, you’re not exactly getting a Grand Slam from Denny’s. Instead, those waiting in line got a no-name juice box and a tiny granola bar, both of which were President’s Choice branded. Way to splurge, Rogers!

In any case, when the doors opened at 8am, there was a little cheer, “but that was the end of the happiness for the day.” The first five people in line couldn’t get their new iPhones to activate, because the Rogers network was down. By 9am, the same people were still in the store. What was supposed to be a 15-minute activation was taking a lot longer than that.

Getting frustrated and impatient, iPhone Fan abandoned the line and went home without an iPhone 3G. I guess his prior engagements involved free slurpees.