Stock Numbers Revealed for iPhone 3G at Rogers Wireless

Stock Numbers Revealed for iPhone 3G at Rogers Wireless


Now that you’ll be able to get six gigabytes for $30, you just may feel a little more inclined to buy an Apple iPhone 3G from Rogers or Fido. You’re not stuck with those “added value” iPhone plans, because you can tack the $30 data onto just about any voice plan that you want.

The iPhone 3G is set to launch tomorrow and while earlier rumors had the stock numbering at only 20 per store, it seems that bigger Rogers stores will have a few more units than that. While Apple may be reducing stock in Canada, the numbers don’t seem that bad. Smaller stores get 5-15 units, kiosks get 30-40 units, and large stores get 50-60 units. The flagship stores get up to 100 units.

Note that none of these stores will provide outright sales to customers. You must sign a new three-year service agreement before they will hand you an iPhone 3G. If you don’t quality for a HUP (hardware upgrade), then you may have to suffer through an early cancellation fee (ECF) just to get the new hotness.