Promotional iPhone 3G Data Package from Rogers: 6GB for $30

Promotional iPhone 3G Data Package from Rogers: 6GB for $30


Canadians are not happy with Rogers right now, because the announced iPhone 3G plans have been less than stellar. Even Apple is pretty upset over the matter, because it could reflect poorly on Cupertino as well.

I guess Rogers couldn’t take the negative backlash anymore, so it has announced that it will have a promotional data plan in place for the iPhone 3G wherein you are afforded 6GB of monthly data for $30. That is a huge improvement over the $30/300MB plan and the $60 entry-level iPhone plan (400MB). It’s not quite the same as $30 for unlimited data, but six gigs should appease quite a few people. We also hear that this $30 promotion is valid for other 3G phones as well, like the upcoming BlackBerry Bold.

We can safely assume that the same promotion is being offered by Fido as well. The new data package, unfortunately, will be offered for a limited time only. You’ll need to buy an iPhone 3G and sign up for a three-year contract before August 31. After that, Rogers could be back to its gouging ways.