In-Flight Movies, Other Amenities Grounded by US Airways

In-Flight Movies, Other Amenities Grounded by US Airways


Easily the most frustrating aspect of any vacation is the long flight that you have to endure before you arrive at your destination. The least they can do is try and make that experience as pleasing as possible, providing you with a nice pillow and a movie to watch. This is not the strategy for US Airways, it seems.

Instead, US Airways has decided that it will no longer be offering in-flight movies on board its flights and it is cancelling plans to test out a new entertainment system in all its places. In this way, it is in your best interest to bring an iPod, a DS Lite, a book… anything to entertain yourself, because US Airways isn’t going to do it for you.

They say that the motivation for this decision comes from the extra weight of an in-flight entertainment system. By removing in-flight movies, they are able to shave a few pounds and, thus, save some fuel too. Furthermore, US Airways is getting rid offree snacks, charging you $2 for drinks, and charging you $15 to check in each bag.