Big Papa iPod Dock Costs Four Thousand Dollars

Big Papa iPod Dock Costs Four Thousand Dollars


It’s not very hard to find an iPod speaker dock these days, but it’s a different matter altogether when the price of said speaker dock is the same as a decently-priced used car. There are tons of docks out there that cost a couple of hundred dollars, but this latest industrial-looking offering from Krell will put you back a solid $4000.

It starts with the Krell Kid Dock, which already costs $1500 on its own. The Kid then docks into the Krell Papa Dock, boosting the effective output to 150 watts. The Papa Dock has a giant power supply and isolated stereo channels. It also costs $2500, bringing your total cost to the aforementioned four grand. And that’s before the price of speakers.

I don’t know about you, but spending $4000 to play music off of a $200 iPod nano just sounds kinda odd to me. Maybe if it did the dishes and laundry for me too…