Video: The First Official Apple iPhone 3G Commercial

Video: The First Official Apple iPhone 3G Commercial


When it comes to most Apple products, Cupertino doesn’t have to work too hard on the marketing end of the equation. Word of mouth has been incredibly powerful for Steve Jobs and crew, not to mention all the free publicity that their products receive through sites like Mobile Magazine. When it comes to the second coming of the Jesus phone, it’s understandable that Apple wouldn’t come up with an official commercial until now. But it’s here and it’s straight to the point.

In the first ad spot, embedded below, we see a seemingly top secret container being brought from one end of a lab to the other. The voiceover tells us that a cell phone has finally been created that beats the iPhone. It’s twice as fast and half the price. Are they talking about the Bold? The HTC Touch Diamond? Of course not!

It’s not the most creative ad spot that Apple has created, but it gets the point across and displays the iPhone 3G in a very favorable light. Enjoy.