Nokia 8208 Slides Two Ways, Heading to China Unicom

Nokia 8208 Slides Two Ways, Heading to China Unicom


The N95 isn’t the only Nokia phone to feature a dual-sliding design. It turns out that the Chinese market will soon be treated to the dual-sliding Nokia 8208 music phone. It gets the glossy piano black finish that seems to be the trend for Nokia phones these days and it gets backed by a high-speed EVDO connection too.

Like the Nokia N95 and N96, the Nokia 8208 slides one way to reveal a standard numeric keypad and then slides the other way to show off its multimedia controls. A full battery charge should provide enough life for up to 20 hours of music. A standard 3.5mm headphone jack is there too. Other features include GPS, 3 megapixel camera, 2.2-inch QVGA display, microSDHC expansion, FM radio, and micro-USB.

The Nokia 8208 has not yet been formally announced, but if the 8208 is going to China, I would sincerely hope that they release a North American version soon too.