Apple Will Not Sell iPhone 3G in Canada

Apple Will Not Sell iPhone 3G in Canada


I guess that petition is really starting to carry some weight. It seems that Apple is just as displeased over the Rogers plans as thousands of Canadians, because the Cupertino-based company has announced that it will not be selling the iPhone 3G in Canada.

Before you start freaking out, I should probably clarify. It’s not that the iPhone 3G won’t be sold at all in Canada; it’s that Apple will not be selling the touchscreen cell phone through its official Apple stores, like the one that recently opened in Pacific Centre in Vancouver. If you want to get your hands on an iPhone 3G, you’ll have to do it through a Rogers or Fido kiosk.

The displeasure can really be heard from Apple: “We have nothing to do with the service plans. Those are Rogers’ plans.” Nothing to do? I thought that they were doing some revenue sharing?