Garmin nuvi 860 GPS with Menu Speech Recognition

Garmin nuvi 860 GPS with Menu Speech Recognition


Having your portable GPS navigation system read its directions out to you isn’t exactly anything new, but with the new Garmin nuvi 860, you can start to talk back. The latest development from Garmin features the ability to navigate through the menus using a series of voice commands. They say that this is the first portable navigation device with full menu speech recognition.

This way, it becomes unnecessary to take your eyes off the road and onto the screen of the Garmin. It is no longer necessary to tap your way through a menu while effectively ignoring all the hazards on the street in front of you. You can instead keep both hands on the wheel and just talk your way through the menu, telling the nuvi 860 the address of your final destination. The speechiness also forms a connection with your Bluetooth cell phone.

The Garmin nuvi 860 also has a traffic receiver, a sunlight readable 4.3-inch touchscreen, and photo navigation with Google Panoramio.