Saleen Aquada Rides on Land or Water

Saleen Aquada Rides on Land or Water


While it may not be able to go underwater like some other cars, it’s still pretty cool that you can get this vehicle to serve both as a speed boat and a sports car. The Saleen Aquada, as you may be able to fathom from its name, is a convertible sports car that also happens to drive just fine along the surface of the water. In this way, it’s a boat and car rolled into one.

Switching between the two modes is as simple as hitting a button. When you are approaching the water, you hit this magic button and drive into the water. The wheels rise up, you hit the accelerator, and “nearly a tonne of thrust pushes the Aquada onto the plane.” The conversion process takes about 12 seconds.

Unlike some other aquatic cars in the past, the Saleen Aquada is actually making it to production. Look for it to go on sale in North America in late 2009 or early 2010 as the Gibbs Aquada.