Run Google Android on Nokia N810 in Five Minutes

Run Google Android on Nokia N810 in Five Minutes


The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is a very useful device, but you may not be particularly pleased with the Linux-based operating system. Don’t you know that you options? You don’t have to fumble your way through Linux if you don’t want to, you know.

It turns out that some “clever folks” have figured out a way to get the Google Android operating system up and running on the Nokia N810. Yes, I know that Android isn’t exactly official just yet, but these “clever folks” nabbed a developer’s build of the upcoming OS and tossed it into Nokia’s handheld.

To get Android on your Nokia N810, you just have to follow two simple steps, both of which involved downloading a file. The entire process takes less than five minutes. This will void your warranty, but if you want to proceed, fuller instructions can be found here.