iPhone 3G Screwed into User Replaceable Battery?

iPhone 3G Screwed into User Replaceable Battery?


The launch of the iPhone 3G is just one week away, but it seems that the touchscreen phone still has a few secrets that are yet to unfold. After taking a closer inspection of the walkthrough video, some keen eyes caught a glimpse of something we had not noticed before.

If you look at the bottom of the new iPhone 3G, you’ll notice that there are a pair of screws flanking the dock connector on either side. Seeing how Apple worked so hard to hide the screws in the original iPhone, we are left wondering why they have a couple of screws so exposed in the new unit. Some people are saying that these screws will grant access to a user-replaceable battery (and possibly other components too).

Next to the screw on the left is what appears to be a speaker grill, whereas next to the screw on the right is the microphone. These are supposed to provide “greatly enhanced” audio, according to Apple.