HTC Touch Diamond Announced for Telus Mobility

HTC Touch Diamond Announced for Telus Mobility


For Verizon and Sprint, the prospects are still in the rumor stages. For Canadians, the prospects are now official. Telus Mobility has officially announced that it will be picking up a CDMA version of the HTC Touch Diamond, effectively making it the first North American carrier to officially sell the hot new cell phone.

Details are pretty slim about the exact specifications and features, but the CDMA version should be much the same as its GSM/UMTS cousin. You get the same large touchscreen display and d-pad controller, but the Telus version has more rounded corners than the harsher edges of the original Diamond. We’re guessing that the back side doesn’t have those angular styling cues either.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the Telus HTC Touch Diamond will sell for $149 with a three-year contract. Data packages start at just $15 a month, just like the rest of the Telus smartphone lineup.