Video: Rolando Brings LocoRoco and Katamari to iPhone

Video: Rolando Brings LocoRoco and Katamari to iPhone


Some people are saying that the iPhone can be a legitimate contender in the portable video game market, but it’s going to take some killer titles. Maybe something like Rolando. The quirky iPhone game developed by Simon Oliver borrows elements from some of the quirkier games that are already out there.

Watching the video embedded below, you may see some parts that remind you of LocoRoco, Lemmings, Kirby’s Canvas, or Katamari Damacy. As you can probably imagine, Rolando comes with all sorts of touchscreen controls and, don’t quote me on this, it may also make use of the tilt sensor as well. According to Simon, the game is a physics-based platform puzzler. There are four worlds, each with ten levels, including boss levels and bonus stages. Pricing will likely be set at around 10 bucks.

If Rolando is everything that the developer says that it’s cracked up to be, the iPhone could be legitimate competitor to the DS Lite and PSP. Will Nintendo take this lying down?