Samsung SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth is Highly Recommended

Samsung SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth is Highly Recommended


Stereo Bluetooth headsets are nothing new, but being able to get rid of that stupid wire while listening to your music can make for quite the enjoyable experience. Who wants to get all tangled up with cables when working out at the gym or going for a jog along the beach? The Samsung SBH500 Stereo Bluetooth headset may not look like anything special, but according to one reviewer, it comes highly recommended.

The SBH500 features a wraparound design, so it’ll be great for all the sporty types out there. Ricky Cadden of MobileBurn also goes on to applaud its great music quality and long battery life. Both of these things are very important when it comes to your aural experience (too bad the iPhone doesn’t have A2DP).

Ironically, while music quality is good, call quality is not. It’s clear that Samsung designed the SBH500 as a musical device first and a communications device second. You may also notice a slight discomfort after extended use. Check out the full review for a more in-depth discussion.