FCC Approves CDMA-ized HTC Touch Pro Smartphone

FCC Approves CDMA-ized HTC Touch Pro Smartphone


On Monday, there were rumors that the HTC Touch Diamond and Raphael would be going to Sprint and Verizon. In order for this to happen, HTC would have to create CDMA versions of their hot new smartphones. It turns out that the CDMA versions of the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro (Raphael) not only exist, they’ve already gone through their paces at the FCC.

Well, that’s not completely true. We haven’t found the supporting documentation for the CDMA Touch Diamond, but the FCC most definitely has its hands on a CDMA version of the HTC Touch Pro. That’s fine. I like the sliding QWERTY keyboard better anyhow. It seems that the CDMA Touch Pro will also have 3G like its GSM cousin, except it’s doing that high-speed dance with EV-DO. Naturally, it has TouchFLO 3D as well.

No concrete confirmation has been provided regarding pricing and availability, but the first major hurdle has now been overcome for all the Touch Pro loving CDMA fans out there.