Cargo Scooter Concept Has a Big Gaping Hole in the Middle

Cargo Scooter Concept Has a Big Gaping Hole in the Middle


Gas prices are getting awfully scary. In the United States, it’s not out of the ordinary to see prices creeping up to five dollars a gallon. In Vancouver, gas just broke $1.50 a litre. Don’t even get me started on certain areas in Europe! As the price continues to increase at the pump, more and more people are looking for more affordable transportation options. My friend just picked up a Yamaha scooter, for example.

When it comes to the vast majority of scooters on the road, there is the issue of a lack of cargo space. What do you do when you have a few boxes to lug around town? Enter the X Treme Scooter. The creative design of this two-wheeler comes with a big empty slot in the center. This provides you with enough space to move a few parcels, assuming that they are reasonably narrow.

Based on some of the pictures provided, it may be in your best interest to equip the X Treme Scooter with some sort of mesh or barrier to keep your packages from flying out the sides during a turn. It’s certainly a weird design and one that’ll turn a few heads if it ever makes it to production.