Verizon expands VCast Music store, Rhapsody + DRM-Free

Verizon expands VCast Music store, Rhapsody + DRM-Free


Verizon today expanded on its VCast Music store to now include DRM-free MP3s as well as the Rhapsody subscription service. As a Verizon customer with a MP3-supported 3G phone and a user of the PC software, you can download unprotected songs over the network that can be used as you like. These songs can also be put into other music software, like iTunes, or loaded onto another portable media devices, such as an iPod.

The new abilities included come at a cost of $1.99 per song, as opposed to the previous price of $0.99. An extra included with the purchase of each song is the ability to download a master copy from Verizon’s PC software. This is great if you accidentally delete a song from your phone before you can transfer it to your PC.

The Rhapsody service offering is a direct translation of Real’s regular music subscription service, $15/month gives supporting phones unlimited access to songs on top of the PC-based service. Many phones support this service from the get-go, including the LG Dare and Decoy as well as other phones such as the Samsung Glyde and Moto RAZR2. Any other phone will need a future software upgrade.