Sony Files Patent For PSP with Touchscreen, Phone Calls

Sony Files Patent For PSP with Touchscreen, Phone Calls


Could a real Sony PlayStation Phone be just around the corner? According a recent patent filing by the electronics giant, the answer could be a resounding yes. The word on the street about a proposed PSP phone says that the most likely form factor will be a slightly modified version of the existing PSP. This most recent patent filing falls right into that line of thought.

The patent describes a device that features “digital tactile pixels” that are touch-sensitive and give feedback via vibration. This could refer to a full touchscreen display not unlike the iPhone and HTC Touch Diamond, or it could refer to something as simple as the haptic feedback on the MOTOROKR E8. My hope is that it’s the former rather than the latter.

Submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment, the patent makes no mention of Ericsson. It also goes on to mention game playing, music playing, and web browsing. Naturally, phone call play into the mix as well. We just hope that it’s not the third incarnation of the Mylo.