More Messaging for Alltel MyCircle Customers

More Messaging for Alltel MyCircle Customers


Before T-Mobile had MyFaves, before Rogers Wireless had such a thing as My5, there was a little something over at Alltel called MyCircle. It was an innovating concept and now it seems that Alltel is expanding the utility of MyCircle a little further with more messaging options.

These new My Circle messaging packs can be added to any My Circle plan. You still get unlimited SMS and MMS messaging between anyone in your circle, but the two new packs let you send plenty of LOLs and ROFLs to people outside of your circle as well. The $7.99 add-on grants you an additional 400 messages, whereas the $12.99 pack ups the ante to 1000 SMS/MMS. You can also do unlimited messaging and mobile web for $20.00 a month.

Now you have no excuse to not stay in touch, 160 characters or a small picture at a time.