Dash Express GPS Update Remembers Your Alternate Routes

Dash Express GPS Update Remembers Your Alternate Routes


The first software update for the Dash Express has now been issued and it is available for download through the unit’s embedded Wi-Fi connection. There is no need for you to physically connect your GPS navigator to your computer, because all you have to do is get the Dash Express to connect to some wireless network. The update happens automatically.

The biggest feature to come with the Dash Express update is something called MyRoute. You know how the routes given by certain GPS units aren’t necessarily the best routes for you to take? Maybe you know a secret shortcut that can completely circumvent rush hour gridiron. With MyRoute, the Dash Express can record your route to your destination and save it for future use. It will also analyze current traffic conditions to see which route is the best.

Sounds pretty sweet. If you’ve got a Dash Express, it’s probably a good idea to drive up near a wireless network soon.