16,000+ Canadians Protest Rogers iPhone 3G Plans

16,000+ Canadians Protest Rogers iPhone 3G Plans


Since the announcement of the iPhone 3G plans from Rogers last week, there has been a lot of controversy with the geeks of Canada. Almost immediately after the plans were announced a site was up with a petition protesting the plans. The site, f***yourogers.com (now ruinediphone.com), has collected over 16,000 e-signatures and comments since last Friday.

The site plans to print off all signatures and comments to present to Rogers on July 11th. This has made a lot of people question their plans to purchase an iPhone, myself included. Many argue these plans are quite ‘fair’ when you look at the history of Rogers and their pricing. But when compared to the United States and other iPhone carriers around the world, Canadians can be expected to pay quite a bit extra over the 3 year contract.

If you support the protest, feel free to sign the petition at RuinediPhone.com.