Fido Launches Sony Ericsson W380a Flip Phone

Fido Launches Sony Ericsson W380a Flip Phone


Maybe you’re not at all interested in paying an arm and a leg for an iPhone 3G. Maybe you don’t like touchscreens. Maybe you just like flip phones better. Whatever the case, Fido has alternative for any music phone fans out there.

The Sony Ericsson W380a was just added to the Fido lineup and the flip phone comes with everything that you’ve come to expect from the Walkman brand. The flip phone naturally comes with an integrated media player, but it also lets you enjoy FM radio on the go as well. Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, embedded instant messaging, and mobile web surfing via EDGE. Yes, it’s compatible with that $7 unlimited on-device browsing option.

Flip out and pay $60 with a three-year contract for the Sony Ericsson W380a from Fido.