Video: R2-D2 from Star Wars Reduced to USB Hub Duties

Video: R2-D2 from Star Wars Reduced to USB Hub Duties


Between the two best known robots from the Star Wars franchise, the one that had no real speaking parts had to be the one with more personality and more spunk. He was the one that helped Luke Skywalker fly his X-Wing through the Death Star and he was the one that had no problem probing other computers and robots. He was fantastic. Too bad he’s been demoted to some rather mundane duties now.

R2-D2 was on display at the Tokyo Toy Show, but he wasn’t managing the electronics of an intergalactic spaceship. Instead, what you see here is an R2-D2 USB hub. He still has the same personality, spinning his head around and blinking his lights to acknowledge your commands, but you have to admit that they’re clearly not using R2 to his fullest.

If you’re not down our everyone’s favorite robot, there is also a Darth Vader version of the USB hub as well. His eyes glow when connected to a computer. Both USB hubs retail for about $72 and will likely be Japan-only products.