BlackBerry Bold not delayed, says RIM

BlackBerry Bold not delayed, says RIM


So we may have jumped the gun yesterday when we said that the BlackBerry Bold is being delayed until August, according to RIM, but not really. There have been no delays in the development of the BlackBerry bold, claims a Research in Motion representative. Reports have been circulating around the web that RIM and AT&T were having issues with the Bold, namely device overheating.

At a press event held yesterday RIM representative Erik Van Drunen said the rumors of a delay are just that, rumors, circulating from bloggers. RIM has only set a “summer” release for the phone and not given any specific dates. “We didn’t say anything about ‘July’ or ‘August,” says Van Drunen, “It will become available in August. So we’re still on track for this summer.”

Seems like RIM is trying to dig themselves out of a hole apparently started by us bloggers. So the new BlackBerry Bold isn’t delayed until August, that’s the expected date of release, or so RIM says.