Wireless Internet Coming to Inside of Chrysler Vehicles

Wireless Internet Coming to Inside of Chrysler Vehicles


And you thought surfing the web on a plane was already pretty cool. Soon, you may be able to watch the newest YouTube videos, read up on some terrific fighting games, and check up on the latest Mobile Magazine articles while cruising over to your family’s summer cottage.

Starting with 2009 model year cars, Chrysler will begin to offer in-car wireless Internet access. According to the LA Times, the wireless access will be powered by a 3G data connection that can then be translated to a moving Wi-Fi signal. The service is called UConnectWeb and it will officially be unveiled tomorrow. Watching YouTube is probably more fun than crappy DVDs any day.

Naturally, UConnectWeb is not being targeted at the driver. He should be keeping his eyes on the road. The wireless web should only be used by the increasingly bored passengers.