Speakers Go Au Naturel For Apple iPod

Speakers Go Au Naturel For Apple iPod


It may be fashionable to get something dressed up in chrome, polished aluminum, or piano black, but those all have such an artificial feel to them. You may not be ready to give your technology just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be one with Mother Nature. Take these new iPod speakers for instance.

Instead of getting constructed from plastic and metal, the Alle STACK for iPod speakers from Tokyo’s Marubeni Infotec is actually largely made of wood. The forest-sourced materials aren’t just for appearance sake either, because the “precious wood” is meant to guarantee “high sound quality.” You have a choice of either American Walnut or Scandinavian Birch.

The speakers, which put out a mere one watt per channel, retail for $93 and $102. The cheaper one fits the nano, whereas the more expensive one fits the classic.