Is Dyson Working on an Electric Car?

Is Dyson Working on an Electric Car?


Dyson is a company that you probably best know for its revolutionary vacuums. They’ll clean up your living room faster and better than a lot of other machines on the market. Dyson also makes some rather nifty hand dryers that work so much better than the conventional “blow hot air at it” system. Dyson knows a thing or two about revolutionary design.

It seems that James Dyson, the guy behind the Dyson brand, is working on a way to get you around town as well. Rumor has it that he’s building a better engine for electric cars. The patented Dyson Digital Motor — which is found inside both the vacuum and the air blade — may be at the heart of this new engine technology. It’s a lightweight motor that can turn 10,000 times a minute.

Details are scarce and Dyson reps are denying any plans “to create an electric car.” That does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of building an electric engine through, right?