Nokia N78 Smartphone Announced for the United States

Nokia N78 Smartphone Announced for the United States


The Nokia N-series is a very popular line of smartphones. My brother is the proud owner of a Nokia N73 and he couldn’t be happier. The ability to load themes, run third-party applications, and get your appointments at a glance on the home screen. It’s pretty great if you don’t need QWERTY.

The Nokia N78 isn’t exactly a new phone anymore, but it has now been officially released for the US market. The lack of “real” buttons for the numeric keypad makes for quite the sleek appearance too. In terms of specs, you get a 3.2 megapixel camera, North America-friendly HSDPA, Nokia Maps, integrated GPS, and stereo Bluetooth. The press release makes no mention of it, but previous models came with Wi-Fi too.

To get your hands on a shiny new Nokia N78, you’ll need to waltz into a Nokia flagship store in New York or Chicago with $560 in tow. You can probably buy it online too.