Kohjinsha SX Series is So Much More Than Asus Eee PC

Kohjinsha SX Series is So Much More Than Asus Eee PC


The idea of a tiny laptop is not new to the people of Japan. They have been enjoying what we call subnotebooks for a very long time, long before Asus introduced the rest of the world to the Eee PC. If you like the compact form factor of the Eee, but want real laptop performance, you may want to check out the Kohjinsha SX Series.

Kohjinsha has a long standing tradition of creating some really powerful, but incredibly small tablet PCs. Yes, it’s not just any old notebook, because that 8.9-inch display be a touchscreen. This follows in the pedigree that the Kohjinsha brand has upheld thus far. With the SX Series, Kohjinsha brings all the boys to yard. The 2.8-pound laptop is powered by Atom, runs Vista, and features dual cameras, 1GB of RAM, 60GB hard drive, internal DVD burner, 1Seg TV tuner, and a multicard reader.

Like other high-powered Kohjinsha tablet PCs in the past, the SX Series comes at quite the premium. Expect to fork out about $1,200 for this sucker.