Going Totally Unlimited with Virgin Mobile USA

Going Totally Unlimited with Virgin Mobile USA


It seems like the emerging trend among American cell phone service providers these days is to offer plans that come with unlimited everything. Virgin Mobile USA is jumping into the all-you-can-eat bandwagon with the unveiling of its new Totally Unlimited calling plan. Who needs to watch minutes when you’ve got a bottomless bucket?

Starting July 1, Virgin Mobile USA will start offering this Totally Unlimited calling plan for $79.99 a month. For this price, you get as many minutes as your jaw can handle, spanning across days, nights, and weekends. Yak it up, because you’ll never run out of airtime. This plan does not appear to come with unlimited anything else, however. To get unlimited text, IM, email, and picture messages, you’ll need to throw in an extra ten bucks a month.

For more information on Virgin’s new smorgasbord plan, check out the official page.