Complete Track List for Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS)

Complete Track List for Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS)


I’ve been enjoying rhythm games since the days of Drummania and Guitar Freaks from Konami/Bemani. When Guitar Hero hit the North American scene, I thought it was pretty cool to finally play to songs that I actually knew (I’m not terribly familiar with J-pop). Ripping it up on your Wii, Xbox, or PS3 is one thing, but what if you want to shred on the road?

Guitar Hero: On Tour was released this week for the Nintendo DS and we have finally been able to get the low down on the full track listing. While the home console versions got a lot more music (and downloadable content), we had to expect that the DS version would be a little lacking in this department. As such, it only has 25 tracks, plus one bonus song by Freezepop.

I have to admit that the Freezepop track is very suitable.

Tier 1 – Subway:

* Ok Go – “Do What You Want”
* No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”
* Jet – “Are You Gonna Be my Girl”
* Blink 182 – “All the Small Things”
* Twisted Sister – “We’re Not Gonna Take it”

Tier 2 – Rooftop:

* Nirvana – “Breed”
* Smash Mouth – “All Star”
* Rick Springfield – “Jessie’s Girl”
* Pat Benatar – “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”
* Maroon 5 – “This Love”

Tier 3 – Parade:

* Los Lonely Boys – “Heaven”
* Bloc Party – “Helicopter”
* The Doobie Brothers – “China Grove”
* KISS (cover by Line 6) – “Rock and Roll All Nite”
* Daughtry – “What I Want”

Tier 4 – Greek Arena:

* Steve Miller Band (cover by Wavegroup) – “Jet Airliner”
* Santana (cover by Line 6) – “Black Magic Woman”
* Stray Cats – “Stray Cat Strut”
* ZZ Top (cover by Line 6) – “La Grange”
* Skid Row (cover by Wavegroup) – “Youth Gone Wild”

Tier 5 – Battleship:

* Ozzy Osbourne – “I Don’t Want to Stop”
* Incubus – “Anna Molly”
* Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Knock me Down”
* Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Pride And Joy”
* Lynyrd Skynyrd (cover by Wavegroup) – “I Know A Little”


* Freezepop – “I Am Not Your Gameboy”