Knight Rider GPS by Mio Features KITT’s Voice


    Let’s face it. You will never achieve the same kind of legendary status as David Hasselhoff. He’s a judge on America’s Got Talent, he stunned audiences with Baywatch, and he even told us to jump in his car at one point. He may be the brunt of a lot of jokes, but very few people are quite as famous as the Hoff.

    Perhaps the first time you were introduced to David Hasselhoff was when he was driving around as the Knight Rider. And now you can have the exact same experience… without the television cameras and super-powered car. Mio has decided to concoct a Knight Rider GPS unit that not only comes with the cool red LED lights flanking the display on either side, but the directions are actually voiced by KITT!

    It’s even better if your name is Michael (like me), because when you turn on the Knight Rider GPS, KITT will say, “Hello, Michael. Where do you want to go today?” Pricing has been set at $270.