Google Android Delayed Again, Impossible to Develop For

Google Android Delayed Again, Impossible to Develop For


When the Apple iPhone was first unleashed to the world, everyone thought that the user interface was great. Soon afterwards, the homebrew community got to it and we saw all sorts of fantastic applications for the touchscreen handheld. With the backing of an online giant like Google, everyone was expected that the Android smartphone platform would be an absolute killer. Who thought, however, that it would take this bloody long?

The Wall Street Journal put up an article earlier today that discussed the ongoing delays of Google Android, saying that the search engine giant (and its partners) may not be able to deliver on its promises. We were told that these Android phones would be ready by the second half of this year, but now it seems that a 2009 launch is more likely.

Because the Android operating system is not complete just yet, it’s impossible for partners — both in terms of hardware manufacturers and service providers — to develop the right infrastructure and software for the platform. Moreover, it seems that T-Mobile USA is sucking up so much Google juice that Sprint (who wanted to get an Android this year) won’t get its Android phone until some time next year.

Delays. They suck.