Thanko Keeps Cool with USB-Powered Necktie

Thanko Keeps Cool with USB-Powered Necktie


You’ll still need to remember how to tie a half-Windsor, but with these hot summer months upon us, you can at least rest assured that you won’t be sweating like a dog in the office. Not that dogs sweat, but you get my drift.

The crazy kooks at Thanko are off making strange yet possibly useful products again. One of their most recent offerings is the USB Necktie Cooler 2. It may look like any other noose that you would tie around your neck before heading to your cubicle, but this necktie comes with an extra special feature.

A small plastic fan has been integrated into the knot of the (clip-on?) tie. Plug it into an available USB port and a continuous stream of cool air will be blasted into your chest. See how happy the guy in the picture is? You can be just as happy for $28 or $34. The latter price comes with a battery pack, whereas the former does not.