Rogers Wireless Makes Good on More Affordable Data Plans

Rogers Wireless Makes Good on More Affordable Data Plans


The Apple iPhone 3G is set to launch in three short weeks and the question on every Canadians mind is how much is the wireless data going to cost me? Up until now, wireless data through a GSM provider in Canada (meaning either Rogers or Fido, which is really the same company anyhow) has cost an arm, a leg, and a first-born child. With the pending arrival of the iPhone 3G, we had hoped for something better.

New data plans have been unveiled by Rogers Wireless and although they are not specifically for the iPhone 3G, they do point toward what kind of pricing we should expect when Apple makes its Canadian debut. The data plans outlined below are for BlackBerry devices, granting corporate users access to all sorts of email and web browsing. There is still no unlimited BIS option, but I’d imagine that having a real six gigs is better than having a “virtually” unlimited plan that really has a cap.

The new BlackBerry plans are as follows:

– $30 for 300MB
– $60 for 1GB
– $80 for 3GB
– $100 for 6GB

No word on whether these will be tiered or whether you’ll have to subscribe to one option and then pay overages.