New Mercedes Vehicles Fully Support the iPhone

New Mercedes Vehicles Fully Support the iPhone


A lot of cars, whether they be budget-minded econoboxes or high-end luxury utility vehicles, seem to have an option for iPod integration these days, so Mercedes-Benz is going a little further by offering iPhone integration. It’s an optional accessory, but the iPhone dock allows you to control just about everything on the iPhone through steering wheel controls and the in-dash touchscreen display.

The more basic end of things accesses the iPod side of your iPhone, letting you stream music through to the car’s speakers. You can adjust playlists and all that jazz through the steering wheel-mounted controls. This way, there’s no need to take your eyes off the road to quickly switch from Rod Stewart to Tenacious D. Phone functions are accessed in much the same way.

The iPhone integration kit for Mercedes is a factory option at 249 Euro, which works out to a reasonable $389. I assume it works with the iPhone 3G as well.