LG Secret Likes to Play with Fire (Video)

LG Secret Likes to Play with Fire (Video)


As you may recall, I highlighted a LG Secret viral video on Wednesday that showed why the touchscreen camera phone would be perfect for voyeurs and perverts. I’m not exactly sure what LG was thinking when they created that ad spot, but they’re continuing with the oddities with yet another viral video.

In the most recent viral video designed to promote the LG Secret, we see the touchscreen phone get abused by a lighter in all sorts of ways. The phone gets torched by the fire end of things on multiple occasions and the user seems to make an attempt at scratching up its surface with the sharp end of the lighter as well.

I suppose the take home message is that the LG Secret can take a licking and keep on ticking. Not to be confused with the phone being to take a licking and well, whatever other message that other video was trying to portray.